Alice vieira

alice vieira

Who is Alice Vieira?

Alice Vieira (born March 20, 1943 in Lisbon) is a Portuguese childrens book author. Vieira graduated from the University of Lisbon with a thesis about Bernard Shaw s theatre.

Who is visual Vieira?

Vieira graduated from the University of Lisbon with a thesis about Bernard Shaw s theatre. She worked as a journalist before devoting almost all her time to writing books for children and young adults.

What happened to Alice?

On that festive day, no one could have imagined that fourteen years later and 5,000 miles away in the United States, she would be the victim of a vicious murder. And some of the same family members would gather again to mourn at her grave. Alices life and death seemed to have been shaped by age-old Portuguese traditions.

What happened to Alice on ‘Good Trouble?

She proved herself to be reliable and steadfast in her ways. She was the roommate everyone could depend on to provide toilet paper, collect rent in a timely manner, and create a family-like environment in their shared living space. Season 4, Episode 7 of Good Trouble shed light on the fact that Alice has completely changed.

What happens to Alice after the war?

Once in Canada, Alice will pass away in Karas arms. If Kara chooses to sacrifice nobody and either Markus or North lead a revolution, Alice will be shot by the U.S. Army soldiers with Kara and Luther (if Alive)

What happened to Alice in absentia season 2?

Alice has been constant figure throughout Absentia and married Emily’s husband, Nick, in Emily’s absence. At the end of season 2, it is revealed that she was the assailant in the murder of Dr Semo Oduwale, her very own teacher and mentor. This leads to a climactic showdown between herself and Emily.

How does Alice react to Todds death?

When Kara looks at the TV hearing Todd was killed by her (determinant), Alice will try to cheer her up by telling her he would have killed her if she did not save her. If Todd is alive, Alice will instead become angry that Todd is lying about what happened to make it look like Kara was the aggressor.

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