Missy elliott work it

missy elliott work it

What is the meaning of the song work it by Missy Elliot?

“Work It” is a track released by Missy Elliot in 2002 as part of her “Under Construction” album. Bedroom intimacy is apparently the song’s primary. For example, the line: “ If you got a big, let me search ya’ ‘to find out how hard I gotta work ya ” seems to talk about a man’s hardness and how much work she has to do to get him to feel better.

Who is the composer of Missy Elliott song?

Composição: Missy Elliott / Tim Mosley. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise. Legendado por Michele. Revisão por kaue. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

What genre is Missy Elliot’s ‘Bad Tim’?

Tim also helped Missy Elliot in writing the song. The track falls under the genre of hip hop – the old school kind or dirty rap. In the same year it was released, it made it to number 75 of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. About five weeks after it hit the billboard, it was part of the top ten at number eight.

Who produced Missy Elliot’s ‘dirty rap’?

The track was produced by Tim ‘Timbaland’ Mosley as part of the album “Under Construction” released in 2002 which was her fourth studio album. It was one of the album’s singles. Tim also helped Missy Elliot in writing the song. The track falls under the genre of hip hop – the old school kind or dirty rap.

What genre is work it by Missy Elliott?

Work It is a hip hop song written by American rapper Missy Elliott and her producer Tim Timbaland Mosley for Elliotts fourth studio album Under Construction (2002). The songs musical style, and production by Timbaland, were heavily inspired by old school hip hop from the early 1980s.

Does this Missy Elliott song actually mean something when played backwards?

Yep — a whole new generation of fans are finally realizing the true depth of Missy Elliotts genius, thanks to a viral tweet of somebody expressing their shock at finding out the lyric actually does mean something when played backward.

What does the mumbling in Missy Elliottswork itactually mean?

When you realise the mumbling in Missy Elliotts Work It , is actually I put my thing down flip it and reverse it... BACKWARDS. pic.twitter.com/nBwBGRiKxK

What songs does Missy Elliott sample in her songs?

Work It (Missy Elliott song) A remix of this song features 50 Cent. The end of the song samples Take Me to the Mardi Gras by Bob James and was also sampled in one of Missys first features . The Things That You Do , and the synth pattern in the rhythm track samples the intro of Heart of Glass by Blondie .

Are Missy Elliott & Timbaland working on new music?

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What is Missy Elliott famous for?

Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer (1971–) Missy Elliott is a Grammy Award-winning singer, rapper, songwriter and producer who achieved great success with hits like Sock It 2 Me, Get Ur Freak On and Work It..

What songs are in Missy Elliotts discography?

Retrieved January 17, 2019. All except Shes a Bitch, One Minute Man, Cold Rock a Party, Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) and Work: Discography Missy Elliott. australian-charts.com. Hung Medien. Retrieved June 13, 2012.

What is the name of the MTV music video with Missy Elliott?

VH1. Retrieved June 21, 2012. ^ Shes a Bitch | Missy Elliott | Music Video. MTV Music. Retrieved June 21, 2012. ^ All N My Grill | Missy Elliott | Music Video.

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