Parking aeroporto porto

parking aeroporto porto

Where to park next to the Porto Airport?

Low Cost Parking. The best parking solution next to the Airport. A Low Cost parking made for you! Low Cost Parking Porto is a Low Cost car park next to the Porto Airport (Sá Carneiro). Enjoy your trip with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is entrusted to professionals with more than 8 years of experience!

How much does it cost to park your car in Porto?

Car Parks for all pockets. From €3 a day, your car will be in the best hands. Porto Airports car parks offer the best prices. The math could not be easier, our daily price is always the same.

Where can I Park at Madeira Airport?

Car Parks P2, P2.1, P5, P7, P9 and the Cargo Terminal Park are temporarily closed, with parks P0 and P1 still in operation. When arriving at the Madeira Airport by car, you have several parking options at your disposal.

How to contact Aeroporto do Porto Santo?

Aeroporto do Porto Santo 9400-110 Porto Santo Ponta Delgada +351 296 205 400 Aeroporto de Ponta Delgada 9500-749 São Miguel Santa Maria +351 296 820 020

Does Porto Airport have a car park?

Porto Airport Parking Porto airport has five official car parks that are open 24 hours a day and have over 2,000 spaces. All the car parks can be used for short or long term parking, with designated parking in each, and 2 car parks have undercover parking areas. There is also an underground parking area to drop off a passenger.

Where do I arrive at Porto Airport?

If you are travelling by plane to Porto, you arrive at the only airport in the city, “Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro”. I know it can be quite stressful when you first land in a country you don’t know, so I am here to help you with all the information you might need when you first arrive at Porto Airport.

Do you need a car in Porto?

If you plan to stay more than three days in Porto, it might be a good idea to rent a car or simply to drive your own if you want to enjoy the beauties of the city and its surroundings. However using a car entails parking, and finding a parking space can sometimes feel like mission impossible, especially in Portugal’s second largest city.

Can I drive from Porto to Porto Airport (OPO)?

Yes, the driving distance between Porto to Porto Airport (OPO) is 15 km. It takes approximately 13 min to drive from Porto to Porto Airport (OPO). How do I get a bus ticket from Porto to Porto Airport (OPO)?

Therefore, the hourly parking rates, in the city of Porto, are around 0.8€/hour and 2.60€/hour. BUT WHERE SHOULD I PARK IN PORTO?

Where to Park in Porto?

How do I find parking at Madeira Airport?

By booking Madeira airport parking on our website, you can guarantee yourself a parking space. Choose one of the car parks available near Madeira Airport and start your trip hassle free. Madeira Airport Parking: your best option for parking. What our customers say about parking at Madeira.

Where is the airport in Madeira?

The one and only airport on the Portuguese island of Madeira is located 15 km northeast of the capital, Funchal. The ‘Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport’ is known for its increddible approach and is called one of the most dangerous airports.

Where to park at Faro Airport?

Only to park on the runway Parking closer to the terminal is impossible, as the ANA Parks are the only ones located actually inside the Faro Airport. If you dont like walking around with your baggage, this is the best option. Total independence on your travels

Is there a car park near the airport?

In addition to the official car parks within the airport perimeter, there are other options to consider, such as the service provided by the company Park & Fly, just 5 km from the airport. In addition to the low cost rates, they can also perform a short mechanical check-up and a car wash before return.

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