Ramiro lisbonne

ramiro lisbonne

How do I make a reservation for dinner in Lisbon?

Make a reservation! You can email them or ask your Hotel that you are staying in Lisbon to make a reservation. I asked my Hotel and they were able to make one for me. If you dont, youll be waiting FOREVER. I got seated right away when I arrived.

What is the best dessert in Lisbon?

CB’s suggested “dessert” is a heady one: the prego (a garlic-laced beef sandwich) at Cervejaria Ramiro is another icon of Lisbon, known as the most succulent of its kind in the city. “The secret of our prego is to eat it after the seafood,” says manager Pedro Gonçalves.

What are the best restaurants to eat in Lisbon?

Cervejaria Ramiro was hands down my favorite restaurant I went to in Lisbon. Things you must get: - The Crab - Garlic Shrimp - Garlic Clams - Scarlet Shrimp. I highly recommend this place. Dont have fomo!

What makes Cervejaria Ramiro so special?

The more-than-50-year-old business represents an old-school type of eatery: a beer hall where the seafood is fresh and cheap, with a choice from the daily menu or directly from the large aquariums that look out to the street. Taking up two floors of a late-Art Nouveau building on Avenida Almirante Reis, Cervejaria Ramiro is perpetually crowded.

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