Bus 434 sintra

bus 434 sintra

What time does the 434 bus start and end?

The 434 bus (Sintra Estacao) is a circular line with 27 stops departing from Sintra Estacao. 434 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 9:10 AM and ends at 6:35 PM.

How to get to Sintra from Estoril?

This ticket is beneficial for tourists who will be travelling to Sintra from Estoril (via route 418) or Cascais (bus route 403) and will be using the 434 bus in Sintra. This ticket costs €15.00 and also includes the 435 bus route, which connects Sintra to the Palácio de Monserrate.

Where is the bus stop in Sintra?

The 435 bus stop, down the street from the train station. T he small bus 435, operated by Scotturb, departs from Rua Dr. Alfredo da Costa, which is parallel to Sintra’s train station.

How to get to Sintra by bus?

The 434-bus route connects Sintra train station to the Palácio Nacional da Pena and Castelo dos Mouros, and passes through the historic town centre. This bus service is essential when visiting Sintra as a day trip, as it is a demanding uphill hike to Palácio Nacional da Pena from the town centre or the train station.

How to get to the palace of penA from Sintra?

So the Sintra bus 434 takes you from Sintra train station to the Palace of Pena. Along a winding mountain road: The same bus also takes you to the Moorish Castle that comes before the Pena Palace. From the Pena Palace the bus continues back to the village, but it doesn’t take the same route. It makes a loop round the mountain.

How to get to Sintra from Cascais?

The 403 takes an hour but for the same price, you get to see some extra beautiful scenery! They both start at the Cascais bus station and terminate at Sintra train station. Then you would need to get the 434 bus to go up and discover the sights of Sintra.

How to get to Cape Roca from Sintra station?

The bus stop number 435 is a little hard to find, and after crossing the pedestrian crossing ahead of the bus stop number 434, it is on the road side toward southwest. Number 403 is a bus from Sintra Station to Cape Roca. It runs roughly every 30 minutes from 8: 40 to 19: 40.

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