Concert lisbonne

concert lisbonne

What are the best concert venues in Lisbon?

Also known as the “Lisbon Coliseum,” this venue provides a multi-purpose space for artists, hosting a range of events that include concerts, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. Coliseu dos Recreios was previously used as a circus venue, but has been organizing classical music events and large-scale concerts for the last 30 years.

What to do in Lisbon?

Lisbon is a famous center of fado, traditional Portuguese folk music that is melancholic in nature. But the city is a great place to visit to experience any genre of music, from rock to jazz, and to discover new local artists. The central districts of Lisbon have become epicenters for buzzing nightlife and a diverse music scene.

What is the best live Fado show in Lisbon?

Best Live Fado Show in Lisbon: Fado in Chiado Tickets Enjoy a Fado in Chiado performance and discover the soul of Lisbon. The musical form of fado was adopted as a part of Portuguese culture and is now a symbol of the nation, with a particularly strong tradition in the historic districts of Lisbon.

Whats happening at the Altice Arena in Lisbon?

David Carreira celebrates a decade of concerts! The history of Hip Hop Tuga is celebrated on the stage of Altice Arena, in a concert which will bring together over 40 artists, united by this musical current. Skunk Anansie will hit the road and Lisboa is one of the stops. Its expected a high-energy concert!

What are the best event venues in Lisbon?

Altice Arena is the biggest Lisbon event venue on this list and perfectly outfitted for rock concerts, large orchestral performances, as well as other big productions and entertainment shows. But don’t worry, it’s also able to host intimate gatherings as well.

Where to go for an opera in Lisbon?

Location: Paseo de Neptuno, Parque das Nações, Lisbon. Opening hours: from 13:00 to 18:00 and for special events. This national theatre is easily the best of the venues in Lisbon for opera, choral and symphonic music. Situated next to Chiado, it opened in 1793.

Where can I find live music in Lisbon?

Bars in Bairro Alto tend to offer free concerts every night of the week, though you never know exactly what you’re going to get; maybe world music, maybe reggae, fado, funk, indie, jazz or soul – there’s no boundaries. No matter what you’re looking for in terms of live music, it can be found in Lisbon, often for little or no money.

Why are concerts & shows in Lisbon so popular?

And that’s why the concerts & shows in Lisbon are attractions that bring thousands of people to the capital every year. The combination of a comprehensive line-up, warm weather, and a perfect spot are crucial to make this festival the most popular in the country and one of the most famous and respected music festivals in Europe.

Where to go Fado in Lisbon?

The Fado in Chiado performance takes place in the center of Lisbon. Experience the live show and then take advantage of the night to discover more of the city. 2. Lisbon: Live Fado & Alfama Tour with Traditional Dinner

Why is fado so popular in Portugal?

The musical form of fado was adopted as a part of Portuguese culture and is now a symbol of the nation, with a particularly strong tradition in the historic districts of Lisbon.

What to do in Alfama Lisbon?

Experience Fado on a four-hour guided night tour of Alfama, Lisbon (they will pick you up from your hotel). Experience an authentic Fado show in a typical Portuguese restaurant while dining on delicious specialities. To book this tour, be early as it usually sells out.

What to do in Lisbon during your weekend?

During your weekend or stay in Lisbon, one of the things to do is to attend a fado show. A typical Portuguese music that appeared in Lisbon in the 19th century. Fado symbolizes the city’s traditions and cultural mix. It is a very lively art in the Portuguese capital, which has been revitalised in recent years.

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