What does ch stand for in Czech?

A digraph, the fourteenth letter of the Czech alphabet, after h and before i. In names or at the beginning of a sentence the mixed case Ch is used (e. g. Chrudim ). A digraph used in the h-sistemo to represent ĉ. Abbreviation of chaque (“each”) . Abbreviation of cheval-vapeur (“horsepower”) .

What is the meaning of the Czech letter é?

É is the 9th letter of the Czech alphabet and the 12th letter of the Slovak alphabet and represents /ɛː/ . In Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, the letter é is used to indicate that a terminal syllable with the vowel e is stressed, and it is often used only when it changes the meaning. See Acute accent for a more detailed description.

What is the meaning of the letter E?

É, é (e - acute) is a letter of the Latin alphabet. In English, it is used for loanwords (such as French résumé), romanization (Japanese Pokémon) or occasionally as a pronunciation aid in poetry.

What does é mean in Chinese?

É or é is also used for /ɤ/ with a rising tone ([ɤ̌]) in Pinyin, a romanization system for Standard Chinese.

What is the meaning of the word ch?

Ch represents [kʰ] in Upper Sorbian . The letter ch is a digraph consisting of the sequence of Latin alphabet graphemes C and H, however it is a single phoneme (pronounced as a voiceless velar fricative [x]) and represents a single entity in Czech collation order, inserted between H and I.

What does CHCH stand for?

CH: Coeficiente Honorário (Spanish: conorary coefficient, Brazil) CH: Charriere Unit (French catheter scale)

What does ch mean in the Hungarian alphabet?

The digraph ch is not properly speaking part of the Hungarian alphabet, but it has historically been used for [tʃ], as in English and Spanish (as with Szechenyi family name), and is found in a few words of Greek or other foreign origin, such as technika, where it is pronounced the same as k .

What is the meaning of CH in Lithuanian?

In Balto-Slavic languages that use the Latin alphabet instead of the Cyrillic alphabet, ch represents the voiceless velar fricative [x]. Ch is used in the Lithuanian language to represent the soft h /x/, in word choras [ˈxɔrɐs̪] choir. This digraph is not considered a single letter in the Lithuanian alphabet.

What is the meaning of E in English?

E is the fifth letter in the English alphabet and is a vowel. An example of e is the letter in the word everything. (football) End. Earl.

What is the function of the letter E in the alphabet?

In the Latin alphabet the letter E did duty for all shades of the sound, long or short, close or open. In English an extensive change took place in the sound of the long vowel during and after the later Middle English period (probably between the 13th and 17th centuries).

What is the origin of the letter E?

From these developed the Carolingian form, from which the modern minuscule e is derived. The sound represented by the letter was a mid-front vowel corresponding, though inexactly, to the sound of the English a in take. The latter is a diphthong, whereas e represented an unmixed vowel sound, such as that heard in French tête or été.

What does the E at the end of a number mean?

What Does an E at the End of a Number Mean? Uppercase E stands for exponent in calculator displays. Calculator manufacturers use it to display numbers in scientific notation because the longhand version is difficult to display and would be even more difficult to read.

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