What is @carvoeirocaves?

CarvoeiroCaves is a brand of the marine tourism company Vela Brilhante, Lda., which offers boat trips to observe the numerous caves along the Carvoeiro Coast in the Algarve. Discover one of the most exotic beaches in the world and marvel at the spectacular Benagil Sea Cave on a boat tour from Portimão.

Where is Carvoeiro in the Algarve?

Carvoeiro in the Algarve is a small village in the south of Portugal, right by the ocean. This means you can enjoy some nice days on the beach and also delight yourself with wonderful Portuguese cuisine.

Whats it like to live in Carvoeiro?

Formerly a fishing village, Carvoeiro is flanked on either side by the sandstone sea cliffs characteristic of southern Portugal. The towns horsehoe-shaped bay is hailed as one of the Algarves best beaches, with golden sand backed by whitewashed Mediterranean houses.

Why book a Carvoeiro holiday?

The majority of tourists visit Carvoeiro purely for a relaxed beach holiday, but there is a surprising amount to see and do within the surrounding region. This includes historic towns to discover, challenging hiking trails, exciting boat tours or the thrill of the Algarve’s theme and water parks.

Are the boats at Carvoeiro caves wheelchair accessible?

Carvoeiro Caves has a fleet of 4 small, modern boats that zip along the coast and can easily be manoeuvered in the caves. All the boats have an easy boarding system making them accessible to the mobility impaired - no wading through waist-high water before clambering aboard. And all boats are equipped with all safety gear as required by law

What to do in Carvoeiro?

Carvoeiro Caves. Boat trips by sea in easy boarding modern small boats, visiting breathtaking unique Benagil coastline caves, from Carvoeiro, through Benagil up to Praia da Marinha, considered most beautiful beaches in Europe. Only smaller boats can explore the caves at will - the larger boats are too big to enter the caves.

Where are the best caves in the Algarve to visit?

Carvoeiro Caves® runs daily boat trips to the Carvoeiro and Benagil sea caves located in the Lagoa coastal area of the Algarve. Many stunning caves dot the coast, including the world-famous Benagil Cave and Praia da Marinha.

Why buy a home in Carvoeiro?

Picture-perfect Carvoeiro delivers the ideal that most people visualise when considering a life in Portugal’s Algarve: Azure sky, sparkling sea, and a perfect cove beach surrounded by whitewashed villas. In this guide, we look at the many benefits of buying a home in Carvoeiro.

What is there to do in Carvoeiro?

There are two sides to Carvoeiro: the town itself, and the surrounding area. The latter is home to some the Algave’s finest beaches. Fans of diving and snorkelling will be in their element here, with the Algar Seco cave network just a stone’s throw away from the town.

Which is the best hotel in Carvoeiro Algarve?

Tivoli Carvoeiro is the best hotel in Carvoeiro Algarve. It’s a magnificent five-star resort that belongs to one of the most luxurious companies in Portugal, offering top services in exquisite conditions. There, you can go to the pools or the Spa, you can dine in the finest restaurants or enjoy a drink in the most beautiful bars.

When is the best time to visit Carvoeiro in the Algarve?

Without question, the best time to visit Carvoeiro in the Algarve is during the summer. The Algarve is known to be a perfect spot to catch some sun and enjoy hot summer days by the beach. From the end of May to October, there are mainly sunny days and no rain.

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