Who is Herbert Sobel?

Herbert M. Sobel Sr. (26 January 1912 – 30 September 1987) was an American commissioned officer with Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, in the 101st Airborne Division during World War II.

What is a Sobel filter?

The Sobel filter (also called Sobel-Feldmanoperator) is an edge detection algorithm, that results in image emphasizing edges. Computer vision apps often use this image processing techniqueto extract the objects contours.

How would you describe the character of Sobel in the band?

Sobel was portrayed as a petty and capricious martinet in the television series Band of Brothers, generating much debate. Stephen Ambrose gives numerous examples of this in his book.

What is the Sobel operator?

Sobel filter or Sobel operator is an edge detection algorithm used to emphasize image gradients. Tutorial and source code for finding edges Skip to content FIVEKO Home Programming Online Tools Projects Computer Vision Studio Graphics Library Cartoon Pictures Tutorials Image Processing About Contacts

Who is Captain Sobel on band of brothers?

Portrayed by actor David Schwimmer, Sobel is a character intended for viewers to loathe. Hes more than just a tough commanding officer for the men of Band of Brothers Easy Company, as the series depicts him as being unnecessarily harsh while training his recruits in many ways - even by military wartime standards.

How is Sobel depicted as a strict commander?

Sobel is depicted as a very strict commander, who pushes the men to their limits in order to make his company the finest in the Battalion. Dick Winters attributes Sobels overbearance and strictness with making Easy Company the success that it became.

What is Barry Sobel famous for?

Barry Sobel (born July 11, 1959) is an American actor and comedian. Sobel grew up in Brooklyn, New York. During the 1980s, he toured the comedy circuit heavily. His routine centered on rapping in a Beastie Boys style. He appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

How did Sobel train the men of Easy Company?

He was given command of Easy Company trained the men at an extreme rate to push their limits and harden them. Sobel was a harsh drill instructor, constantly berating his recruits, punishing them for minor infractions, and frequently cancelling weekend passes.

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