Merida mexico

merida mexico

Where is Merida Mexico?

Where is Merida? Near the northern coast of Mexico ’s Yucatan Peninsula, about 22 miles south of the Gulf of Mexico, lies the regal colonial city of Merida. This beautiful, vibrant city of some one million people offers culture, sports, modern infrastructure, world-class affordable medical care, and handy access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Why choose Mérida as your travel destination?

Mérida is the perfect base to go out and explore the Yucatan during the day. Have some amazing adventures, then return to Merida in the evening for the excellent restaurants, the culture, and the festive nightlife. For us, that is truly what Mérida’s appeal is all about!

Where are the best Yucatan and Merida Mexico beaches to visit?

Keep driving east past Chicxulub Puerto, and you’ll be in the area of San Benito, San Bruno and Uaymitun (pronounced why-me-tune). These are the most upscale of all the Yucatan and Merida Mexico beaches. While there’s not much besides the beaches, there are great home rentals.

Where is the Merida sign?

The Merida Sign is Plaza Grande (Main Plaza in Centro Historico) is just one of the stops on this amazing FREE walking tour of Merida, offered by the Merida Tourism Office. It’s one of the best things to do in Merida! Final Thoughts: Are Merida Mexico Beaches worth visiting?

What are the best beaches in Yucatan?

Some of the ones featured include Progreso, the closest beach to Merida, Celestun, home to thousands of Yucatan flamingos, and my favorite Merida Mexico beach, San Crisanto. Ready to discover all the best beaches in Yucatan?

Where are the best beaches near Merida?

• Puerto Progreso, Mexico: This is the closest Merida beach at about 30-45 minutes away, and one of the best beaches in Yucatan. It is popular with Merida locals, and has a cruise port, so if you’re not into crowded beaches, check the Progreso cruise ships schedule to see when the ships dock.

Is Merida Yucatán worth visiting?

Mérida Yucatán is one of the most beautiful cities in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The capital of Yucatan State, Merida, Mexico, has stayed under the travel radar for many years. This is, however, quickly changing — as the city offers a taste of Mexico’s rich history and authentic culture, without being too touristy.

Where are the best day trips in the Yucatan?

The 15 Best Day Trips in the Yucatan from Merida Mexico January 17, 2020By John Widmer71 Comments One of Merida’s greatest attributes is its centralized location in the Yucatan, which is so full of intriguing excursions to take. That’s exactly why we rank Yucatan day trips as #1 in our Best Things to Do in Merida Travel Guide.

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