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look up

What is lookup?

LookUp challenges you to experience your town as if it were your first visit, so instead of looking at the pavement and thinking about your destination, look up and take in the architecture.

What is the meaning of looking up?

2. to pay a visit to. I looked up several old friends. 3. to search for in a book of reference. You should look the word up (in a dictionary). 4. to consult (a reference book). I looked up in the encyclopedia. to respect the conduct, opinions etc of. He has always looked up to his father.

What is the meaning of looked out for?

To regard in a certain way: looked on them as incompetents. To be watchful or careful; take care: If you dont look out, you may fall on the ice. We looked out for each other on the trip. To examine or inspect, often in hasty fashion: looked over the proposal before the meeting. 1. To expect or hope to: He looked to hear from her within a week. 2.

How do I look up a website?

You can look up a website by going either to the alphabetical listing or to sites grouped by subject. Then look up your local locksmith in the Yellow Pages or visit The Home Office website for more useful tips. Just out of curiosity, look up how many neutrino s we survive from passing through our body from the Sun every second!

What is the use of the lookup function?

The LOOKUP function allows a user to search for a piece of data in a row or column and return a corresponding piece of data in another row or column.

What are the different types of lookup?

There are two forms of Lookup: Vector and Array. The vector form of the LOOKUP function will search one row or one column of data for a specified value and then get the data from the same position in another row or column. The formula for the function is as follows: =LOOKUP (lookup_value, lookup_vector, [result_vector])

What is a lookup range?

A single row or single column of data that is sorted in ascending order. The LOOKUP function searches for value in this range.

Is there a guide to lookup?

This has been a guide to LOOKUP. Here we discuss the LOOKUP Formula and how to use the LOOKUP function in Excel and practical examples and downloadable excel templates. You can also go through our other suggested articles –

What is the meaning of the word look out?

look out. — phrasal verb with look verb uk ​ /lʊk/ us ​ /lʊk/. › to watch what is happening and be careful: The police have warned shopkeepers to look out for forged notes.

What is a good sentence for look out?

Be careful of or watchful for something or someone, as in Look out for broken glass on the floor, or Look out for Mary-shell be coming any minute. [Second half of 1600s] Also see look out. See also: for, look, out The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer.

What does look out for SB/STH mean in English?

Meaning of look out for sb/sth in English. look out for sb/sth. — phrasal verb with look verb uk ​ /lʊk/ us ​ /lʊk/. B2 to try to notice someone or something: Look out for Anna while youre there.

What is the meaning of look out for number one?

See to the welfare of, as in Mary was assigned to look out for the youngsters on the playground. Similar to look after, this expression appears in such terms as look out for number one, meaning “see to ones own best interests,” as in Looking out for number one is Barbaras first priority.

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