Taberna do bairro alto

taberna do bairro alto

Is Taberna do Bairro Alto safety precautions checked by TripAdvisor?

Updated 02/24/21 Safety precautions are provided by the property and are not checked by Tripadvisor for accuracy. Manage this business? Is Taberna do Bairro alto implementing safety measures as a result of COVID-19?

What is the Bairro Alto in Lisbon?

The Bairro Alto comes alive as the sun sets in Lisbon. The many wonderful, small and intimate restaurants begin to open around 8:00 p.m. Many of the restaurants can only seat 10 or 12 couples, and some, even less. The food is spectacular.

What to do in Bairro Alto?

Bairro Alto was our cool shopping spot during the day with numerous, tiny fashion forward boutiques that are dotted along the narrow streets. By night, my friend and I circled the same areas that had now turned into crowded, fun, and lively bars that were bursting with people hanging out and people watching.

What to do in Lisbon in Bairro Alto?

One great thing to do in Lisbon in Bairro Alto is visit this beautiful garden. Jardim São Pedro de Alcântara is overseen by tourists, but lived by locals. At the top end of Bairro Alto, is an amazing view over the city center and the river.

Is Bairro Alto worth visiting?

At the top end of Bairro Alto, is an amazing view over the city center and the river. It is also a lively place at night as many groups of people take their conversations from the bars to the beautiful belvedere in the garden. Definitely worth visiting, before heading to dinner or at the end of your night out in Bairro Alto.

What is the Bairro Alto in Barcelona like?

Soon Bairro Alto became synonymous with a bohemian lifestyle, and by the 1980s it was where everyone went to in the late hours, creating street parties every Friday and Saturday night. Those continue to this day, although many of the night owls have moved down to the waterfront, in Cais do Sodré.

What to do in the Bohemian district of Lisbon?

Bairro Alto is one of the a central districts of the city of Lisbon. It is known as the bohemian district. It contains luxury stores, many bars, restaurants and specialty shops offering traditional Portuguese desserts.

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