Salty lousã

salty lousã

Where is Lousa located?

Located in the central part of Portugal, the municipality of Lousa, is part of the old district of Coimbra, in the subregion of Pinhal Interior Norte, and limited in the north by Vila Nova de Poiares, in the east by Góis and Miranda do Corvo, and in the south by Castanheira de Pêra and Figueiró dos Vinhos, making part of the district of Leiria.

Who are the Counts of Lousã?

The Counts of Lousã, descendants of a Portuguese conqueror, António Correia, whose coat-of-arms is decorated with a depiction of the severed head of King Muqrin, the last Jabrid ruler of Bahrain, killed by Correia in battle.

What happened to Lousã in the Middle Ages?

During the Middle Ages, Lousã continued to prosper and, like many other lands in the kingdom, its old foral was confirmed by King Afonso II, installing a group of rules, privileges and rights, that were later revoked in 1513. On 25 October, of the same year, a new charter was issued by King Manuel I.

What is the history of Lousã?

It is practically at the end of the 19th century that Lousã began to expand beyond its 17th century arteries, resulting in new buildings and collective structures: the hospital (which began operating in 1888); the new parochial church (also at the end of the century); the public slaughterhouse (in 1893); and the old theater, amongst others.

Where is Lousã in Portugal?

Where is Lousã in Portugal? Lousã is in central Portugal in the mountain range of the same name (“Serra da Lousã”). It is about 27km (16 miles) from the city of Coimbra. As a municipality of the district of Coimbra, Lousã is made up of four civil parishes:

Did you know that Lousã is the natural habitat of many animals?

Did you know that Lousã is the natural habitat for many rare animal species in Portugal? It is also a natural beauty with preserved schist villages and numerous trails for cycling, walking and hiking in Portugal. In this article, you will discover Lousã, what to see and do, where to stay, where to dine and more.

How to spend a day in Lousã?

Of the 27 schist villages in central Portugal, five are situated in Lousã and make for pleasurable day of walking. The most charming of them is the Talasnal village (main picture), here you can go hiking and explore the unique and beautiful vegetation in the village. You will also get a panoramic view of the Castle of Lousã.

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