What is chordify and how does it work?

Chordify turns any music or song (YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, MP3) into chords. Chordify is a music player that extracts chords from musical sources like Soundcloud, Youtube or your own files, and shows you which chord to play when. The aim of Chordify is to make state-of-the-art music technology accessible to a broader audience.

What do the symbols on chordify mean?

You can hear the song’s audio, and you can see the black square move, indicating exactly when to play a chord at what time in the video. While you need to know what each symbol means, Chordify also has a Diagrams button that shows you exactly how to play the chord at hand: you can see the fingering for guitar, ukelele, or piano.

Is chordify the best way to study music?

“Chordify is incredible for studying music. Drop in a video and it works out the chords to play along.” “Chordify is the greatest invention since someone thought to put milk in espresso. SERIOUSLY.” Chordify is an online music education tool, made by music lovers to help you to get chords for any song you want.

What is the best platform for chords?

Chordify is your #1 platform for chords. We help musicians of all levels to learn and play the music they love. Chordify gives you the chords for any song and aligns them to the music in a simple to use player.

What is it like to use chordify?

The beauty of Chordify is that you can take any song, regardless of complexity, and boil it down to just chord progressions. From there, you can add complexity as you get comfortable with the underlying chords.

Do you use chordify to find chords?

I do sometimes check out online tabs and chord charts (made by humans, however flawed), just to get me started, but I wouldnt trust Chordify (or Riffstation or similar automatic sites). Having just tested Chordify on a couple of songs, it seems only capable of recognising major and minor triads. No 7ths, no diminished chords...

Did chordifys ratings change?

Updated several links and made minor changes to copy and article formatting. None of Chordifys ratings were changed. The Chordify app is a song-learning tool that helps you learn chords by streaming music off YouTube then showing you chord sheets (no tabs) that move in real time as the song plays.

How does chordify work with Deezer?

Chordify takes music from YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, or a track you’ve uploaded and extracts the chords from it. Chordify’s Deezer integration just went live, with that they’ve also launched an app in Deezer’s App Studio.

Is chordify a good way to learn music?

What we like about Chordify is its simplicity and how easy it is to use. Being able to search for a song on YouTube - something most of us are very familiar with - and pull up chords instantly for playing along, is a fantastic way to learn the music you like. Its fast, fun, and the monthly price of Chordify is extremely reasonable.

What is chordify and how does it work?

The premise of Chordify is simple. Instead of giving you tabs, Chordify breaks songs down to just chords and chord sheets. These chord sheets move with the song which plays through a YouTube embed, and makes it really easy to follow. Heres a quick look at the interface on the web app:

What is the best way to learn chords on a song?

Chordifys objective is to show you chords of a songs progression in real time. A task it performs admirably. However, getting more depth, instruction, or help with songs that add a lot of complexity above the bass line will require that you look for additional help.

How good is chordify at identifying chords?

Having just tested Chordify on a couple of songs, it seems only capable of recognising major and minor triads. No 7ths, no diminished chords... It seems pretty reliable on very simple songs, but on complex ones - the very ones youre going to need most help - it fails miserably.

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Are there any good guitar chord apps for mobile devices?

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