Flexible autos

flexible autos

What is flexible autos?

Welcome to Flexible Autos - the UKs leading trade only car hire broker. Offering competitive prices in over 120 countries worldwide at more than 22,000 locations, Flexible Autos guarantee to have a car at a location to suit you! THE UKS LEADING TRADE ONLY CAR RENTAL SUPPLIER.

What cars have flexible fuel?

List of flexible-fuel vehicles by car manufacturer Audi. Citroën. Dacia. All petrol driven Dacia Sanderos sold in Sweden are FlexFuel. Ford, GM, & Chrysler. Ford, GM, and Chrysler offer the following vehicles in the US that use E85 (different models are... Ford of Europe. Ford Brazil. Ford do ...

Which is the best Ford flexifuel to buy?

1 Ford Focus Flexifuel FFV 2 Ford C-Max Flexifuel FFV 3 Ford Mondeo Flexifuel FFV 4 Ford S-Max Flexifuel FFV 5 Ford Galaxy Flexifuel FFV

What are the disadvantages of flexible-fuel vehicles?

The negatives of flexible-fuel vehicles include: Lower fuel economy: Ethanol is a less-efficient source of fuel than traditional gasoline is; in other words, ethanol-laden fuel contains less usable energy for an equal amount of gas.

How do flex-fuel vehicles differ from conventional vehicles?

How do flex-fuel vehicles differ from conventional vehicles? Flex-fuel vehicles are usually similar in appearance to traditional cars. Often, the only difference is that FFVs can run on either regular gas or E85, which is a combination of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.

What are the benefits of flex-fuel cars?

Many flex-fuel vehicles run on ethanol, which is sustainably produced from ingredients such as cane sugar and corn. This makes ethanol a good alternative to purchasing foreign oil. 5. Tax Benefits Consumers who drive flex-fuel cars receive tax credits that can significantly reduce or even eliminate their tax obligation. 6. Improved Performance

What are the best flex-fuel cars to buy?

The Frontier is a great option, and the fact that it’s flex-fuel for a second straight year (Nissan’s Titan and Armada stopped being FFV after MY2015) is a bonus. 2. Dodge Charger (3.6L, $29,590)

What is the history of flex-fuel cars?

The flex-fuel movement really began with the 1994 Ford Taurus, whose on-board computer told the engine how to distinguish between gasoline and higher ethanol blends. Pretty cool, right? Except for the part about it being a Taurus. I mean … just look: OK, I deliberately chose a sea-green one, for maximum dorkitude.

Are Ford pickup trucks any good?

Ford pickups are among the most popular on the market, but buyers should be careful of which they choose When one wants to buy a fantastic pickup, the first company they should look at is Ford. Ford has made some of the greatest trucks ever within its extremely long history and are still doing a very good job with adding more to that list.

What are the best compact pickup trucks?

Reintroduced in the U.S. last year after a brief hiatus, the Ford Ranger ranks near the top of our list of compact pickup trucks. The Ranger accelerates quickly and delivers sufficient power via a 270-horsepower 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

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