Windguru terceira

windguru terceira

Can I access windguru for free?

Of course we understand that advertising can be annoying, but it allows us to offer weather information for free. Please consider whitelisting Windguru in your Ad blocker to help us keep the free site available. You can also subscribe to PRO version and enjoy ad-free site with more features.

What software do you use to send data to windguru?

Weather Display is a another software that can work with data of your station and send them to internet, upload to Windguru supported. It is available for Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry Pi. They offer 30 day trial and the lifetime licence costs 60 USD. More info at

How to join the windguru station network?

Holfuy is highly recommended option to join the Windguru Station network as it can upload data to Windguru out-of-the-box, you just enable this easily in the Holfuy station administration and register your station at Windguru.

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