Who is Shiseido?

Since its founding in Ginza, Tokyo, brand SHISEIDO––exclusively crowned with the company name and camellia marque––has been fusing art and science, representing Japanese Beauty. Today, it offers a wide range of products in 88 countries and regions around the globe.

Why Shiseido skincare?

Today, it offers a wide range of products in 88 countries and regions around the globe. SHISEIDO Skincare and Makeup help you reveal and express your beauty on the outside, empowering you with confidence and vitality. It is that outer beauty that brings to light your inner beauty. From outside in and from inside out, beauty blooms and expands.

How to use Waso Shiseido makeup products?

Shiseido makeup products are created with high-quality ingredients and offer you a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from. Our Waso Poreless Matte Primer gives your makeup an added boost by helping to minimize the appearance of pores and control shine without drying out your skin. Put it on either under or over your foundation.

How many Shiseido stores are there?

In 1923, the company began expanding its store-base; it now has approximately 25,000 outlets. A joint-stock company was formed in 1927. In 1916, Shiseido transitioned from using historical images of Japanese female beauty to more Western ideals of beauty.

How long has Shiseido been in business?

Here we explore the path of achievement Shiseido has followed for over 140 years since its founding in 1872 as Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy. Shiseido was born in Tokyos Ginza district as Japans first private Western-style pharmacy in 1872, a time when herbal medicine was the norm.

What does Shiseido mean in Japanese?

Founding. This later grew into the Shiseido Parlour restaurant business, and eventually led to the introduction of ice cream in Japan. The name Shiseido derives from a Chinese expression meaning praise the virtues of the earth which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values.

What is Shiseido’s recipist?

Reacting to this important piece of consumer research, Shiseido immediately launched Recipist in November 2017, a skin care brand with products retailing at USD 8.88 and less, and packaged in smaller bottles to fit the small spaces that young women often live in.

What are the advantages of Shiseido?

One of the strongest advantages for Shiseido was the fact that it was an Asian brand venturing into the western markets. It used the mystique and aura of a distant land with its oriental tradition, colour, smells and aesthetics as an advantage.

What is Waso skincare?

WASO skincare features nature-driven solutions and superfood ingredients to balance, hydrate, and control shine. Inspired by the Japanese food tradition of Washoku. Each product within the WASO line is infused with antioxidant-rich superfood ingredients to promote healthy, hydrated skin. Add your favorite products to your wishlist!

What is yakumix by Shiseido?

WASO | Shiseido #itsspicetimeIntroducing our new YAKUMIX! Poreless Matte Primer WASABI-INSPIRED COMPLEX FOR AN INSTANT MATTE COMPLEXION. Fresh and rich in nutrition, Wasabi-Inspired Complex brings out the best of your natural skin. Inspired by Japanese wasabi, it helps minimize the appearance of pores and mattify shine.

What is Waso’s system of inspection?

A strict examination system based on 5 safety criteria: 1. purity, 2. origins, 3. skin tolerance , 4. safety, and 5. environment. WASO’s line up is scented only by the botanical extracts used in our formulas to bring nature’s benefits to your skin.

What is shikuwasa and how can it benefit your skin?

Through our extensive research at WASO, we’ve found that Shikuwasa can be an incredibly beneficial component of skincare and provide numerous benefits, such as supporting the skin barrier function and moisturising young skin*.

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