Ai weiwei rapture

ai weiwei rapture

Where to see Ai Weiwei’s Rapture in Portugal?

Portugal is now home to the AI Weiwei’s Rapture exhibition is open to visitors until November 28, 2021, at the Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon. Featured image by J A Neto. Edited by Ana Drula & Trinity Francis.

Why did Weiwei create this sculpture?

WeiWei created this sculpture in response to the Chinese Government surveilling and incorporating listening devices in and around his studio, located in Beijing. The Chinese government did this as punishment for WeiWeis outspoken criticism of the Chinese Government.

What happened to Ai Weiwei?

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei arrested in ongoing government crackdown. The Washington Post. Archived from the original on 17 April 2011. Retrieved 6 April 2011. ^ Branigan, Tania; Watts, Jonathan (3 April 2011). Ai Weiwei detained by Chinese police. The Guardian. London.

How did Ai Weiwei use fairytale as an act of subversion?

Fairytale was an act of social subversion, improving relationships between China and the West through interactions among participants and the citizens of Kassel. Ai Weiwei felt that he was able to make a positive influence on both participants of Fairytale and Kassel citizens. 2008, video, 1h 18m

Where can you see Ai Weiwei in Portugal?

Ai Weiwei, the contemporary artist and Chinese activist, comes to Portugal for the first time with an unprecedented exhibition: Rapture, to be held at Cordoaria Nacional.

What is “Rapture” by Ai Weiwei?

Ai Weiwei ’s Rapture, opened over the weekend at Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon. On display through November 28, the exhibition explores the transcendent moment that connects this earthly dimension with a spiritual one. Installation view of “Ai Weiwei: Rapture” at Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon, photo by Aurélien Caoudal.

Where does Ai Weiwei live now?

The world-renowned visual artist’s new exhibition, “Rapture,” opens in the Portuguese capital Lisbon on Friday. Ai arrived in Portugal almost two years ago and says he has no plans to return to Germany or England, where he has also lived since leaving China in 2015.

What is Ai Weiwei-Rapture?

Ai Weiwei – Rapture is the biggest exhibition of Ai Weiwei in Europe, with 4000sqm, displaying for the first time all of his most iconic work in the same space and at the same time, while presenting four new pieces produced exclusively in Portugal.

How old is Ai Weiwei?

... (Show more) Ai Weiwei, Wade-Giles romanization Ai Wei-wei, (born May 18?, 1957, Beijing, China), Chinese artist and activist who produced a multifaceted array of creative work, including sculptural installations, architectural projects, photographs, and videos.

Why did Ai Weiwei go to jail?

In 2011, Ai Weiwei was arrested at Beijing Capital International Airport on 3 April, for economic crimes. He was detained for 81 days without charge. Ai Weiwei emerged as a vital instigator in Chinese cultural development, an architect of Chinese modernism, and one of the nations most vocal political commentators.

Why is Ai Weiwei important to China?

Ai Weiwei emerged as a vital instigator in Chinese cultural development, an architect of Chinese modernism, and one of the nations most vocal political commentators. Ai Weiwei encapsulates political conviction and his personal poetry in his many sculptures, photographs and public works.

What happened in the Ai Weiwei War?

In 2008, Ai Weiweis one-man rebellion turned into a war with the Chinese government after a massive earthquake shook Sichuan Province. It killed almost 90,000 people, including several thousand children, many of whom were crushed in poorly-built government schools.

If my art has nothing to do with peoples pain and sorrow, what is art for? Ai Weiwei is the most famous Chinese artist living today. As an activist, he calls attention to human rights violations on an epic scale; as an artist, he expands the definition of art to include new forms of social engagement.

Why did Ai Weiwei leave Shanghai Power Station of Art?

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