Lx factory lissabon

lx factory lissabon

What is LX factory in Lisbon?

What was once an old factory is now an entertainment and shopping complex that retains its historic charm while bringing the community together in Lisbon. LX Factory is located in the hipster neighborhood of Alcântara.

What is lxfactory Alcantara Lisbon?

LXFactory in the Alcantara district of Lisbon is a trendy mix of shops, residents and office spaces housed in a former 19th century industrial site. LXFactory Alcantara Lisbon | Portugal Visitor - Travel Guide To Portugal Skip to main content Navigation Home

Is there graffiti in Lisbon’s factory grounds?

Along with the graffiti are, there are also actual art installations placed throughout the factory grounds, mostly on the walkways. These are works of local Lisbon based artists who were either commissioned by the city or whose works were found to be apt for the space.

What happened to the LX factory?

The factory complex that makes up the LX Factory was once the manufacturing site for a thread and fabric company in the Alcantara district. Over the decades, other companies began to occupy the space, until it was eventually abandoned and considered an isolated part of the city.

How to get to LX factory in Lisbon?

Sep 2018 LX Factory in Lisbon is a creative place with nice restaurants and shops, that can be reached from the city center via Tram line 15 or 15E direction to Belem. It is the easiest to get off the tram when you are almost under the big steel bridge / Ponte 25 de Abril - dont drive all the way to Belem.

Whats next to LX factory?

Next to Lx Factory (accessed through Avenida da Índia) is Village Underground, a coworking space and cultural center made up of piled old buses and containers that also house a restaurant serving light meals.

What are the working hours of the LX factory?

Note that while the LX Factory is open seven days a week, from early morning until late at night, all the different business have their own individual hours of operation that they uphold.

Where are Lisbon’s Hottest addresses?

A lmost overnight, in 2008, a factory complex dating back to 1846 became one of Lisbon’s hottest addresses. The industrial spaces were turned into offices, and soon came cafés, restaurants and shops.

What is the LX Factory in Lisbon? The LX Factory is a co-operative working venue that is inhabited by restaurants, bars, galleries, bookstores and various concept shops. It is situated right on the edge of the Tagus, halfway between the Cais do Sodre and Belem. DESIGN YOUR PRIVATE LISBON TOUR NOW »

Why buy an Alcântara property in Lisbon?

Is there graffiti in Lisbon?

Most graffiti you see in Lisbon is considered public street art, supported and encouraged by the City Council. UnderDogs (co-owned by Vhils, a Portuguese street artist who was listed on Forbes’ 30 under 30) have guided tours in the city, but you can do your own.

Is Lisbon the world’s urban art capital?

Lisbon street art and graffiti – the world’s urban art capital? Boasting large-scale murals by some of the best-known international street artists and home to some remarkable local talent, Lisbon can claim to be the street art capital of the world, says Buenos Aires Street Art ‘s Matt Fox-Tucker. 1. Hyper-realistic mural by Mr Dheo and Pariz One

Is Lisbon’s street art scene booming?

And Lisbon’s street art scene – propelled by a new generation of home-grown artists and with many mural projects supported by the city government – is booming too. Here’s my round-up of some of the best murals in the city I photographed over two and a half days and where to find them.

Are graffiti murals in Portugal illegal?

Eskema, another Portuguese graffiti artist, would often take a different route to finding space to paint, and says that, “Most of them [his murals] are illegal, but I always manage to find a quiet, semi-abandoned place where I probably won’t be bothered.” There are obviously very mixed feelings in Portugal about graffiti.

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