Ponte 516 arouca

ponte 516 arouca

Where is Ponte 516 Arouca?

The bridge is located within Portugal ’s Arouca Geopark, where tall mountains and narrow river valleys define the landscape. Ponte 516 Arouca spans the Paiva River, connecting the escarpment of the Aguieiras Waterfall and the Paiva Gorge.

What does Arouca 516 mean?

Arouca 516 is a suspension bridge located in the municipality of Arouca, in the North Region and the Aveiro District of Portugal. The bridge has a length of 516 m (1,693 ft). It is suspended 175 m (574 ft) above the Paiva River, which it spans. Its name is a reference to its extension in meters and the municipality where it is located.

How to buy tickets for 516 Arouca bridge?

Buy tickets directly at the official ticket office of 516 Arouca Bridge (without intermediaries) or make your pre-reservation fully personalized with one of our operators and come to know the largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world! Make your booking! Book Now!

Where is the Arouca bridge located?

It is located in the municipality of Arouca, in the district of Porto, and integrates the Arouca UNESCO Global Geopark, next to the Aguieiras waterfall. It crosses the Paiva River, being the central point of the bridge at a height of 175 meters from the river.

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