Sao pedro

sao pedro

Where is São Pedro located?

/ 16.824; -25.060 / 16.824; -25.060 São Pedro is a village in the southwestern part of the island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde. It is situated on the south coast, approximately 10 km southwest of the island capital Mindelo.

What to do in São Pedro?

São Pedro is busy in high season, but offers peace and relaxation outside of the summer months with clean, well-maintained facilities. The swimming pool with fun slide is popular with families, and there is an excellent play area to entertain small children.

How did the Penedo da Saudade lighthouse get its name?

The lighthouse is located on top of a rock, where, according to local folklore, Caminha Duchess came to mourn her husband. This lighthouse was named after this supposed event: Penedo da Saudade.

What does Aguas de São Pedro mean?

Official website. Águas de São Pedro (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈaɡwas di sɐ̃w̃ ˈpedɾu] ( listen)) is a Brazilian municipality in the state of São Paulo located 184 kilometres (114 miles) from the state capital.

What is the city of São Pedro known for?

Águas de São Pedro was incorporated in the 1940s. The city is known for its mineral waters of medicinal value, their natural sources popular tourist attractions. One of the springs, Fonte Juventude, has the second most highly sulfurous water in the world.

Is there a courthouse in Águas de São Pedro?

There is no courthouse in Águas de São Pedro; the municipality is part of the district court of São Pedro. According to the Regional Electoral Court of São Paulo, the city had in 2014 2,881 voters, a number greater than the number of inhabitants.

Where is the Penedo da Saudade lighthouse?

The Penedo da Saudade lighthouse ( Portuguese: Farol do Penedo da Saudade) is located on the Atlantic coast in São Pedro de Moel parish in the municipality of Marinha Grande, in the Leiria district of Portugal. It is a functioning lighthouse that was built in 1912 and takes its name from that of the cliff on which it was constructed.

What is the history of Penedo?

Founded in 1614, Penedo has many important examples of Portuguese and Dutch colonial architectures. The history of Penedo can be found in Francisco Alberto Sales s book Arruando para o Forte. It was reached by sea from the wide estuary of the São Francisco River .

Where is Penedo located in Brazil?

Official website. Penedo is a municipality in the state of Alagoas in Brazil. The population is 64,074 (2015 est.) in an area of 689.88 square kilometres (266.36 sq mi). Penedo lies 173 kilometres (107 mi) south-west of the state capital of Maceió .

What can you find at Casa do Penedo?

In the Casa do Penedo one can find a rich quantity of five centuries of creativity by residents of the São Francisco River Valley. Penedo is the location in The Far Side of the World, a novel by Patrick OBrian set in the era when both the War of 1812 and the Napoleonic Wars were underway, where HMS Surprise pulls in for repairs.

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